Loose Dentures - do I need a new set of dentures?

Loose Dentures - do I need a new set of dentures?

20th March 2022

As our body changes over a period of time, so do our gums in our mouth. Although the rate of change differs from person to person, gums recede and change gradually. 

This is one of biggest problems clinicians have to deal with in making new dentures or re-modeling old dentures. Your gums support your dentures and allow suctions to take effect. Without this kind of proper support, dentures will become loose and inefficient. 

This is more than just about embarrassing stories of dentures flying out when laughing, coughing or eating. Loose dentures have serious consequence of effect on the body which require immediate attention. 

  1. Loose dentures, sore mouth. Dentures are a foreign object in your mouth. Because of this, any movement can cause irritation and discomfort. Therefore, loose dentures can make gums very sensitive and unforgiving. Even more so, constant irritations can cause hardening of the gums (hyperplasia), bleeding, and ulcerations.
  2. Loose dentures, low self-esteem. Embarrassing stories about flying dentures are not for simple laughs, it is a humiliating and degrading experience to denture-wearers who are out in public. Repeated incidents like that can really effect the self-esteem of the denture –wearer and their life style.
  3. Loose dentures, terrible speech. Certain sounds we make when we talk require delicate movements of the mouth, using vocals, tongue and facial muscles. However, loose dentures interferes with all of this and makes it difficult for denture-wearer to pronounce words properly. Not only it makes it difficult, but also it can irritate listeners who can hear abnormal sounds coming from denture-wearer’s mouth.
  4. Loose dentures, bad guts. If dentures don’t fit properly, they cannot work properly. This results in food not being processed adequately for consumption. This can put extra pressure on the stomach and digestive system.

Severity and tolerance differs from person to person, but loose dentures can effect a person’s oral environment, self-esteem, speech and digestive system. If you are experiencing constant looseness of dentures, e.g. upper dentures keep dropping and lower dentures ‘float’ in the mouth, it would be prudent to consult with your dentist or clinical denture technician.

Not all of these issues require replacement of dentures - there are other options and remedies available. If you have had your dentures for some time and notice that things are getting a bit loose, let your dental profession know. Dentures are appliances. They require care and maintenance to work properly. Remember, they’re your teeth, your smile and your health, make the most of it.


John Choi is an experienced clinical technician from A1 Smile clinic in Green Island. 

John specialises in making full dentures, partial dentures and other dental appliances, like mouth guards. He can also repair or remodel (reline) old dentures to provide a better fit and comfort.

If you have questions, take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION offer to discuss your denture needs.