At A1 Smile Clinic, we take pride in providing high-quality dental products and services that help you maintain a natural, confident smile anytime, as we are committed to delivering the best dental solutions for all patients.

We custom build dentures, mouthguards and dental plates which help you smile, laugh, eat, chew, sleep and play your favourite sport without difficulty, in a natural way.

We don't just sell these products; we create them right here in Dunedin as tailored-to-your-needs solutions. The materials and technologies we use for our dental products are state-of-the-art and internationally acknowledged as durable, resistant and customisable.

A1 Smile Clinic - Green Island, Dunedin
A1 Smile Clinic - Green Island, Dunedin

At A1 Smile Clinic we specialise in:


Dentures are designed to replace an entire row (full denture) or a few missing teeth (partial denture). Partial dentures are removable, making them easy to care for, increasing their lifespan.

The dentures we provide feel like your own teeth! That's one of the greatest qualities of our products: their manufacturing with thorough craftsmanship and modern technologies provide a natural feel! They will provide comfort and an accurate fit, as they are produced from unique materials that ensure durability and resistance for long term wear.

Dental Plates

Used to fill gaps from missing teeth, the dental plates we provide fit easily and feel comfortable in your mouth. Supported by the surrounding teeth, dental plates help you regain the ability to speak, smile, laugh, eat, chew and look amazing! Dental plates can improve your life, and our team of specialised professionals conduct an "easy to fit process" with as little discomfort for you as possible.


Mouthguards are multi-purpose dental devices tailored to your mouth's unique structure.

Nighttime mouthguards prevent teeth clenching and grinding, manifestations of an affection known as bruxism. Mouthguards are worn during sleep to help avoid enamel damage and loss of teeth.

Nighttime mouthguards can also play a role in alleviating snoring and sleeping apnea.

Sports mouthguards are designed to absorb shock as they are manufactured from flexible and resistant materials. These devices significantly reduce facial injuries and tooth loss that can occur while playing sports.

Our mouthguards are also an efficient ally against the symptoms of Temporomandibular disorder, an affection characterised by jaw discomfort and pain during chewing and a diminished ability to open the mouth.

No matter the purpose for which you may require such a dental device, you can be sure that our custom made mouthguards will help you enjoy your favourite sport, restful sleep and a beautiful smile on any occasion!

Mobile Clinic

We know that making it to an appointment can sometimes be tricky due to busy schedules or limited mobility capacity, so WE COME TO YOU. That's right! We send our mobile, professional clinic team to your home, your child's school, or your senior family members' rest homes to provide a free, no-obligation consultation!

Our mobile clinic service enables you to fit our consultation into your schedule at your most convenient time. 

We also provide at-home adjustments and after-care services so that you can enjoy your new dental devices as soon as possible, without any effort.

Contact us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation. We can visit you anywhere in the greater Dunedin area, including Balclutha, Milton, Mosgiel, Waitati, Waikouaiti and Palmerston.

A1 Smile Clinic- Custom-fitted mouthgaurds for your school
A1 Smile Clinic- Custom-fitted mouthgaurds for your school