Confident smile with quality teeth

Confident smile with quality teeth

15th March 2022

Mrs C. had had dentures for 15 years. Although she looked after her teeth to best of her ability, she knew that her dentures were getting worn, stained and loose. 'They were getting really old and didn't look too good . . . I knew it was time for new ones.'

She approached clinical technician John Choi from A1 Smile clinic about a replacement. Mrs C. was initially concerned about getting new dentures, due to the ability of dentures to change a person's looks and the potentially complicated process of getting new teeth made. 'I don't want to look like a horse', she said. 

After hearing Mrs C.'s concerns and examining her dentures, John suggested the simple and effective copy-denture technique, which allowed for natural looks and comfort.

After receiving her new dentures, Mrs C. was very happy. 'It was good. Very good,' she said. She had been worried that her mouth and teeth would feel very different and take a long time to get used to, but was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case. 

'I was really impressed with that. I thought "Oh no, it is going to be very different," but no, when you put it in, it felt as comfortable as the old ones... I expected to have some problems with new teeth, but it was very pleasant for me to come back and it was quick and painless.'

If you think you may need dentures or your current ones are getting a bit old or worn, contact John Choi at A1 Smile Clinic to see what is right for you. 

Home visits, after-hours appointments and emergency repairs are available. 

Contact John on (03) 425-0006 or email